Any hardware configuration suitable for running an up-to-date Windows operating system and fulfilling Oracles requirements regarding Oracle client installation can be used.

More important than having powerful hardware is the reliability: RAID, daily backups and database mirroring are essential parts of any database application.


CLIENT(s)Windows 10any versionOracle Client 11g, 32bit
SERVER(s)Windows 10 or Windows Server any versionOracleXE or

 Oracle Standard or Enterprise RDBMS

Installation procedure

  • install MS Windows and MS Word/Excel (any version)
  • install Oracle 11g client
  • install dbLabCal Client
  • install MS Windows and Oracle database
  • install dbLabCal client (1x)
  • create dbLabCal schema (1x)

Installation procedure with existing Oracle infrastructure
The Installation of dbLabCal may be even simpler if there is an Oracle database instance already in place. Just install dbLabCal client on each PC – it takes few seconds – and create a new schema designated for dbLabCal in your existing Oracle database.